If you like great anime like Bleach and Naruto but can't find any english dubs; well then you have come to the right place! We specialise in bringing the lastest and greatest anime in clear quality videos for one sole purpose, for your enjoyment. Don't worry we will be bringing in more series as we grow and aspire to become the best.

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Newly added Series!

Afro Samurai - Now up to date Click to watch afro Samurai


Black Blood Brothers- Compleated Click to watch Black blood Brothers


Blood + - compleated ! Click to watch Blood +


Elfen Lied-compleated! Click to watch Elfen Lied


Samurao champloo! Click to watch Samurao champloo


Coming soon!

Avatar-coming soon!

Full Metal Alchemist- uploading!

Naruto- uploading!


We are seeking uploaders!

The purpose of this is to help support the site.
How to: Upload your anime (dubbed) to a video hosting website such as Veoh.com, Megavideo.com ,ect. When typing the title of your video put something like "Bleach Episode 5 [animedubz4u]". This helps out the site and other anime watchers as well.
We request that you upload series we don't yet have or series that seem to be chronically broken.
If you do become an active/constant uploader please contact either email address and we will add you to our staff list.
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